Harbour Facilities

  • Tugs: 24 hour availability, requirement depending on size and equipment
  • Restrictions on arrival/departure times: Tidal only
  • Range of Quay heights: 1.1 – 5.8 metres
  • Difference between high and low tides: 3.1 metres
  • ETA to whom: Belfast Harbour Radio
  • ETA contents: ETA at No.1 Buoy, Last Port, Max draught, Masters Name
  • Pilotage Compulsory: Yes
  • Pilot VHF: 12
  • Position of pilot pickup: “Fairways” Buoy
  • Distance from Port: 6 miles
  • Pilot Working Hours: 24 Hours
  • Prevailing Currents: 2 kts
  • Winds: Prevailing SW
  • Is fresh water available: Yes
  • Number of Hoses: 2
  • Tonnes per hour guaranteed: 12 tonnes
  • Type of fitting: 10 tonnes
  • Garbage and sewage: 4”
  • Security personnel: Reception facilities available
  • Passengers/crew inspection: Yes
  • Tour buses at quay: Yes
  • Tourist desk: Yes
  • Shuttle service: on quayside/ship
  • Taxis: Yes, 10 minutes to city centre

Tidal Information

Full information on Belfast Harbour tide times can you found at belfast-harbour.co.uk/tide-tables.

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